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Have you ever seen a suggestion box in a corner at any bank, hotel, restaurant, hospital or office? Do you think management of those institutions really pays attention at those suggestions made by their clients? Hospitality in Ghana can be compared to none. However, most Ghanaians do settle for less. Walk to the shops or markets and you will hear phrases as below; “It’s nothing, Give it to God, Take this like that next time I will do you fine”. The customer ends up accepting sub-standard services or goods but still paying the right / premium rates.

Review Ghana is your best bet, giving you the platform to voice out your experiences in interacting with these institutions in Ghana. Tell the world your experience. If it wasn’t up to the hype or as expected, let the world know and if they performed and exceeded your expectations, tell the world. Services received at the various institutions can never improve if there are no proper feedbacks.

When management of these institutions know that they are being watched and their customers or clients ready to share to the world their experience with them, there will be a change. Let us together build a better Ghana and change the efficiency in the service industry.

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